360° VR

360° Virtual Tours

Stand out from the crowd. Show off the aesthetic, amenities, and layout of your business or property. When customers seek you out online, make sure their first impression is a fantastic one.

Here at Focus Media, we want to create a truly bespoke product that meets your needs. You can customise your virtual tour in a multitude of ways:

Prices starting from ¥10,000

What is 360 VR Video
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Google Street View Logo

Google Street


Enhance your presence on the world’s largest search engine. Your virtual tour could appear on Google Search, Google Maps, and your Google+ Page.

Company branding ion of letters



You have worked hard to build your brand. We can integrate your branding guidelines, including fonts, logos, and colour schemes, into your 360° virtual tour.

Multiple Lanaguages Icon of conversaion



Do you have a multi-lingual customer base? No problem! Upgrade your virtual tour to include selectable language modes so you can speak to an even wider audience.

Interactive hotspots icon of a target



Hotspots are what brings a virtual tour to life. They allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details while exploring your space. Examples of what we can do include: Open high-quality photo albums,  product information or a purchase window;  link to a separate URL;  download a file;  or play audio.

Non-profit Discount Icon of Money



Are you a non-profit organisation? We want all organisations to benefit from 360° virtual tour technology, and we can provide a discount to non-profit organisations. Please visit our contact us page or tick the ‘Non-profit Discount box’ on the quote form to find out more.

Multiple property discount icon of a house

Multiple Property


Are you interested in creating a 360° virtual tour for more than one property/site? Focus Media has a very generous Multiple Property Discount, which increases in size depending on the volume. We know that not all properties and locations are the same. Using the Multiple Property Discount, you can still customise each property/site according to its needs.

Dynamic floorplans icon of a square



If you have a large space, a dynamic floorplan could be perfect for helping people to navigate your virtual tour. Our floorplans can be equipped with interactive hotspots so that your audience can jump from room to room or floor to floor more quickly.

Introductry video icon of a camera



Set the tour's message from the first second with a high-impact video of your business or property. Integrate existing marketing videos, or we can collaborate and create one from scratch.

Multiple Device Support Icon of a computer and phone

Multiple Device


While tours are accessible from all devices, Focus Media can take this one step further. We can design and optimise your virtual tour so that the user-experience is suited to the user’s device.

Animated 360 Panrama Icon of a lens

Animated 360°


As opposed to popping up static information, the interactive hotspots within animated panoramas could take a person's form. They can start moving and talking and explain and guide your audience.

Embed externa content icon of a URL

Embed External

As well as directly uploading media into your tour, you can also embed and pop-up external content. Embed Google Maps, YouTube videos and online booking systems into your virtual tour.

Time Mode icon of a clock



The time of day and season of the year changes the mood and ambience of your space. Selectable tour modes allow your audience to experience your 360° virtual tour at all times and seasons.

E-Learning: Map Icon

Treasure Hunt

Make your virtual tour even more interactive through our Treasure Hunt E-Learning module. Add elements in the tour through a virtual treasure hunt where your viewers find and discover hidden surprises.

E-Learning: Quiz Icon


Test the knowledge of your viewers with an integrated quiz module. It's fully customisable according to your needs, whether it's official in-house training or a fun module for your viewers.

Drone Icon


Create mesmerising virtual tours from a whole new perspective using 360 drone photography. Furthermore, we can provide drone videography services to complement your virtual tour.

360° Video

We at Focus Media use the latest equipment in 360° photography and videography and always deliver a cutting-edge product.


In addition to 360° virtual tours, you can use standalone 360° videos to provide a guided experience to your audience. You could have prospective students experience a trial lesson or give a guided tour of your property or business. The possibilities are endless for what we can achieve using 360° videography.

Tokyo Landscape


Interested? You can find examples of past projects on our industries pages. Or, if you have a question, please visit our contact page.