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A virtual hotel or restaurant tour provides website visitors with a means to obtain a digital first-person perspective of your premises. This perspective can illustrate your property’s dimensions and how to navigate it. Stand out from the crowd and increase your reservation numbers today.

1)   Increased conversion rate

Customers who view a 360° virtual tour for a business are a lot more likely to make a booking with that establishment. Additionally, customers spend more time engaged with websites with virtual tours.

2)   Premium image

Premium hotels and restaurants are leading the adoption of 360° technology. Most consumers believe that brands using 360° technology are likely to be better than those that don’t.

3)   Improved staff training

Leisure and hospitality premises are often busy places with many complex systems and procedures. A 360° virtual tour aids in the training of new staff members. Virtual tours allow them to view all areas of the premises at their own pace. Focus Media can create a virtual training environment to increase the quality of your staff training.


People make reservations at restaurants with a 360° virtual tour 30% more often.


50% of people who view a restaurant's virtual tour go on to make a reservation.


Hotel listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views.


Hotels that with 360° virtual tours see a 14% increase in bookings on average.

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