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Caregiver with Patient

Recent times have brought tough challenges to all industries, but none more so than care and retirement. At Focus Media, we are aware of the challenges that homes have to ensure their safety. That is why we believe that a 360° virtual tour is the perfect solution for the industry:

1)   Protect your residents and improve safety

How can a 360° virtual tour protect your residents? It's simple. A virtual tour reduces the number of times that non-residents visit the property. A virtual tour allows prospective residents to view the property multiple times before visiting and avoids unnecessary visits.

2)   Breakdown barriers

Potential residents may not be able to travel long distances to visit your home. Additionally, choosing a home can be a decision for the whole family, who don't necessarily have time to make an in-person visit. A Focus Media virtual tour will help them overcome this problem and allow viewings anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

3)   Show your best and increase sales

Homes can be busy places. As with any occupied property, it is challenging to be at your most presentable every day. With a 360° virtual tour, we can show your home forever at it's best without the stress. Ultimately, an empty room costs your business a lot in lost revenue. Having a virtual tour will help you fill rooms faster and significantly increase revenue.


In 2021, searches for homes with virtual tours are up 794%.


97% of customers said a 360° virtual tour helped them choose their home.


Homes with virtual tours sell rooms 2x faster.

Interested? You can find more information about 360° VR by clicking below.

Or you have a question or would like a free quote, please visit our contact page.

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