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All schools can benefit from 360° virtual tour technology, whether it is a public or private school, university or kindergarten, English school or driving school. What factors are driving virtual tour technology within the education sector?

1)   Show off your safety procedures and COVID-19 countermeasures

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, parents ranked child safety above curriculum quality. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have introduced numerous safety measures to protect students and their families. A Focus Media 360° virtual tour can help ease families' concerns and show-off the safety procedures of your school.

2)   Stand out from the crowd

People are spending more on education than ever before. As the economy becomes increasingly competitive, people are willing to invest more in their education. A 360° virtual tour could be the deciding factor that helps students choose your institution over a competitor.

3)   Virtual trial lessons

A traditional trial lesson can be a stressful experience. It disrupts the learning for existing students and requires a lot of preparation from the school and teachers. A virtual trial lesson not only removes the disruption to your staff and students, it also allows prospective students and parents to experience the school from the comfort of their own home. The virtual trial lesson is an interactive experience that allows the viewer to participate and immerse themselves in the environment.


97% of students would want a trial lesson/tour before joining a school.


71% of parents ranked child safety as an essential factor in choosing a school.


Spending on education is at an eleven-year high, and there has never been more competition.

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