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TabiTabi Travel: Juniko, Aomori

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Welcome to our first blog post and the start of our #tabitabitravel series. In this series, we will be bringing Japan's best-kept secrets to life through 360 VR technology. Our first stop on this journey is Juniko in the beautiful Aomori prefecture.


Juniko is in the western part of Aomori Prefecture in the Shirakami Mountains. The name Juniko means 'Twelve Lakes' in Japanese, but there are almost three times as many lakes in the area. The area is home to all sorts of wild plants and animals, including the Japanese Black Bear! It is a protected national park and welcomes thousands of visitors who come to immerse themselves in nature every year.

Shirakami Autumn


Aoike is the most popular destination in the area, attributed to its unique properties. Aoike translates as 'blue pond', and it is an exceptional pond at that. The water here is a beautiful deep blue, and despite its dark colour, you can see up to 9 meters below the surface. While scientists still are not sure of the reason for its colour, everyone can agree that the view with the sun shining through the trees is fantastic.

Refresh Village

Being able to disconnect from the modern world truly is difficult these days, but what better place to do than here. We visited the national park for 2 nights and stayed in a Scandinavian style log cabin in the 'Refresh Village'. This village is situated deep within the forest, so much so that you can't even get 1 bar of phone signal. The cabin can sleep up to 6 adults and has everything you need to enjoy a break in nature.

Visit the Refresh Village virtual tour by clicking the image below:

Juniko Refresh Village


You cannot get more off the beaten path than Juniko. It is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to experience Japanese nature. The closest cities of Akita and Aomori are also excellent places to visit in their own right, so Juniko is definitely a spot that we recommend you visit!

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